Indiana Conservation Partnership


Water Quality on the Farm, Home and in Woodlands

IDNR-Woodland Management
Good timber management makes woodlands productive, provides wildlife habitat and protects water and soil quality.  Learn more about the benefits of snags in your woodland.

Conservation Planning-Put Planning First (PDF):
The Natural Resources Conservation Service and your local Soil and Water Conservation District can help you put together a conservation plan tailored for your farm. Your plan is the starting point for managing the natural resources on your farm while maintaining productive capacity and meeting individual goals and objectives.

Indiana Farm Assessment Program
Indiana Home*A*Syst and Farm*A*Syst are programs developed with your health and safety in mind, with a focus on keeping Indiana’s water safe for the future. By using the surveys and fact sheets provided for both home and farm you can quickly find the level of risk to your drinking water AND how to reduce that risk.

Indiana Division of Natural Resources (IDNR) – Division of Water provides these brochures on well construction and well abandonment.

Purdue Forage Management
Well managed pastures can improve animal health and performance, increase profitability, and enhance wildlife habitat while protecting water quality.

Indiana USDA NRCS Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative Program
The Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative (GLCI) is a nationwide collaborative process of individuals and organizations working together to maintain and improve the management, productivity, and health of the Nation’s privately owned grazing land. GLCI was developed to provide for a coordinated effort to identify priority issues, find solutions, and effect change on private grazing land.

Other Conservation Resources for Farm/Woodland Owners to Take Advantage of: