Indiana Conservation Partnership


SWCD Resources

Resources for Indiana’s 92 Soil and Water Conservation Districts

The Indiana Conservation Partnership recognizes that it is the primary responsibility of every partner to become the most well informed and effective leader they can be. By providing a comprehensive toolbox of information and training touching every aspect of the District and Partnership mission, the Five Star District Capacity Program represents the means of empowerment through which conservation education, cost share and technical assistance can occur locally on a scale never before thought possible in Indiana. 

Supervisor Development

Provides leadership and capacity training for current local soil and water conservation district supervisors (and associates) in order for them to become more fully engaged and knowledgeable in their positions.


Provides operational training for  local soil and water conservation district supervisors and staff in order for them to be in compliance with state standards and to be accountable for public funding.

Strategic Program Development and Implementation

Provides strategic program development and implementation tools so Districts can successfully deliver their local conservation programs.

Funding and Grantwriting

Information and resources for funding opportunities

Technical Resources

Provides tools, resources and information on conservation technology and assessment so Districts can successfully implement appropriate technological and innovative practices for their customers.

Professional Staff Development

Provides job-specific training for District technical, managerial and education personnel.